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Lecture Chapters

Chapters -- Fall Return to top

Reading Assignments - Fall

1. Introduction to Chemistry: Matter and Measurement
2. The Atom
3. Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
4. Thermochemistry
5. The Periodic Table
6. Electronic Structure of Atoms: Basic Concepts
7. Introduction to Quantum Theory
8. Chemical Bonds
9. Molecular Geometry
10. Gas Laws
11. The Condensed Phases: Liquids and Solids

Chapters -- Spring Return to top

Reading Assignments - Spring

12. Properties of Solutions
13. Chemical Kinetics
14. Chemical Equilibrium
15. Acid - Base Equilibria
16. Equilibria in Aqueous Solution
17. Chemical Thermodynamics
18. Oxidation and Reduction

Laboratory Experiments

Fall Experiments Return to top

1. Classification and Separation of Matter
2. Rutherford Model of the Atom
3A. Gravimetric and Quantitative Measurements Using Barium Sulfate
3B. Stoichiometry of Several Salts
4. Acid-Base Titration
5. Heat of Neutralization
6. Conductivity
7. Charles Law
8. Molecular Weight of a Volatile Liquid
9. Solubility

Spring Experiments Return to top

10. Properties of Water
11. Introduction to Blocktronic Spectrometry
12. Kinetics of the Decolorization of Crystal Violet by Sodium Hydroxide
13. Photometric Determination of an Equilibrium Constant
14. Determination of the Equilibrium Constant for a Weak Acid
15. Anion Analysis
16. Cation Analysis
17. Oxidation-Reduction

Appendix I:

Chemical Safety Information

Appendix II:

General Instructions for the Operation of the

Blocktronic Spectrometer

Examinations -- Practice

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Examinations with Answers for Practice

1. Exam and Key 90 1. Exam and Key 91
2. Exam and Key 90 2. Exam and Key 91
3. Exam and Key 90 3. Exam and Key 91
4. Exam and Key 90 4. Exam and Key 91
F-I Final Short Answers 90 F-I Final Short Answers 91
F-II Final Multiple Choice 90 F-II Final Multiple Choice 91

Spring Examinations Return to top

1. Exam and Key 91 1. Exam and Key 92
2. Exam and Key 91 2. Exam and Key 92
3. Exam and Key 91 3. Exam and Key 92
4. Exam and Key 91 4. Exam and Key 92
F-I F-I Final Short Answers 92
F-II F-II Final Multiple Choice 92

Advanced Placement Examinations Return to top

The examinations presented here are ones used for an advanced placement by satellite course presented across the country. These examinations are detailed to test a complete range of the topics traditionally covered in a college freshman chemistry course. By covering all of the traditional topics, the course hopes to cover all of the questions that may be on the AP Exams as the emphasis of the exams change from year to year.

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