• I just got off the phone with my contact at the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey. For the comprehensive portion of the FINAL you will have 45 minutes to complete the questions. This has to be a timed exam so we will have to figure that out. The test will cover the following topics;

    • Atomic Theory and Structure
    • Chemical Bonding
    • States of Matter (Gases, Liquids and Solids, Solutions)
    • Stoichiometry and Equations
    I will find my Acorn book and see if I can not expand on the heading above. We have not covered Liquids and Solids so those questions will not be used by me to determine any part of your grade in CHEM 1314. When I talked to my contact he indicated the exam was multiple choice, but I have not seen the examination yet. I will find a link to some sample multiple choice examinations from this same organization and have that for you by Monday, December 15th. The exams will have questions which cover the whole year (both CHEM 1314 and 1515). You should only reveiw the questions on material we have covered. (That in itself will be a good exercise.) Don't forget that the Prentice-Hall WEB site has LOTS of multiple choice questions for your review.

  • Check out Wednesday's lecture notes if you are still working on Problem Set #12. They might help.

  • I've received several messages this afternoon and I've responded but the mailserver is bouncing the messages back for some reason. Perhaps this will be resolved tomorrow. Sorry!

  • What to do for the FINAL (aghhhh!) Well you've come to the right place. Avoid the rush....check out the link to Dr. G's Top Ten List for preparing for the FINAL.

  • If you need a copy of PS#12 or PS#13 I have some in my office. Drop by Tuesday morning if you need a copy.

  • The CHEM 1314 Final Exam is scheduled for Thursday, December 18, 1997 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:50 p.m. (we might be able to squeeze out some extra time because we are the last final on Thursday. Ludy's and Tammy's students will be back in ES317 (you remember your seat assignment). Andrea's and James' students are still in PS110.

  • HELP Sessions on Tuesday, December 9, 1997 at 8:00 p.m. in PS141 and on Thursday, December 11, 1997 at 7:30 p.m. in PS141.

  • Problem Sets #12 and #13 covering Chapter 10 (Gas Laws) are now available.

  • As you think about comments you would like to make regarding CHEM 1314 and Dr. G. think about addressing the following questions.

    • Have you encountered any problems using the computers in the campus computer laboratories?
    • Have you not used the WEB in this class? If so, what prevented you from accessing the material?
    • Do you feel the material on the CHEM1314 WEB page was helpful?
    • What other kinds of material/resources would you like to have access to in CHEM1515?

  • Some VSEPR stuff that Dr. G. is working on. This version will not require any accessorizing of your browser.

  • New grades are UP!. By the way the average for Exam III was 50. Overall class average is 62%. So on the average you're doing GREAT!

  • This weeks laboratory is Experiment #10: Ideal Gas Law and Molar Mass of Gases.

  • The animations which I have been using in class for Chapter 7 can be accessed via this link.

  • We have Justin Brooks to thank for generating an Excel spreadsheet which will calculate your current course grade. You enter in your homework, laboratory and exam scores and it will calculate your actual course percent. Just follow the simple instructions. If you have questions send Justin or myself a message. WAY TO GO JUSTIN!

  • This space reserved for the link to all of your grades. The scores are sorted by your SIC#.

    Want your SIC#?? better see or e-mail dr. g.

  • While surfing I found this site for information on medical careers. You may have this information already, but I found it interesting.

    Important links for Fall 1997 CHEM 1314

    Here are pdf versions of the problem sets. You will need a version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read/print these files.

    Problem Set #8 (DUE: Monday, 11/3/97)

    Problem Set #8 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #8

    Problem Set #9 (DUE: Monday, 11/10/97)

    Problem Set #9 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #9

    Problem Set #10 (DUE: Monday, 11/17/97)

    Problem Set #10 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #10

    Problem Set #11 (DUE: Friday, 12/5/97)

    Problem Set #11 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #11

    Problem Set #12 (DUE: Wednesday, 12/10/97)

    Problem Set #12 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #12

    Problem Set #13 (DUE: Wednesday, 12/12/97)

    Problem Set #13 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #13

    Here are the answers to the questions to our first two examinations.

    Here are pdf version of this semesters examinations. You may want to print out a version for your review and to be sure you can do the questions.

    Here is the pdf file for sample CHEM 1314 examinations.