• Clarifications in Problem Set #9: In PS9.2 I've asked for the set of quantum numbers for an electron not all of the electrons in a 2s orbital. When I ask for the set of quantum numbers to identify a sublevel I'm not asking for the quantum number which identifies any particular orbital in that sublevel. In PS9.4d) treat it as a theoretical question. How many orbitals are theoretically available in the n = 6 shell. In PS9.9 Explain why the atomic radius of Mg is larger than the atomic radius of S.

  • Reminder about PARTS THREE and FOUR in Experiment #7: CONDUCTIVITY: I have told the TAs to announce in laboratory that I expect students to write the formulas (with charge) of all the ions (both cation and anion) that are present in solutions which are identified as strong or weak electrolytes. Clearly there are no ions in the nonelectrolytes, but the strong electrolytes are primarily ions and the weak electrolytes are 3 to 7% ions. You are expected to include in the Tables for PART THREE and FOUR the formulas of those ions which are in the solution you tested. If you have any questions about what is expected contact your TA or me.

  • Problem Set #9 which I distributed to day was MISSING the last page. Get it off the WEB or pick it up in class on Friday. Sorry about that!

  • We have Justin Brooks to thank for generating an Excel spreadsheet which will calculate your current course grade. You enter in your homework, laboratory and exam scores and it will calculate your actual course percent. Just follow the simple instructions. If you have questions send Justin or myself a message. WAY TO GO JUSTIN!

  • HELP Session this week will be on Thursday, November 6th at 7:30 p.m. in PS141. We'll begin with a few equations problems then move on to Chapter 6 and 7 stuff.

  • OK, the latest rumor is either Dr. Gelder or Dr. Purdie will be teaching CHEM 1515.02 next Spring. The final decision of who teaches the section will depend on other factors within the department.

  • Are you interested in Biomedical Research? There will be a presentation by Dr. Almon Shiu on Thursday, November 6, 1997 at 4:00 p.m. in PS147 describing grduate programs at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center leading to MS, PhD and MD. Dr. Shiu is also giving a talk at 2:30 p.m. in PS103 titled 'Multileaf Collimation:Implication and Implementation for Stereotatic Radiosurgery and Radiotheraphy.'

  • I've added three new problem sets for downloading. Check them out. PS#11 does not have a due date yet. I'll know better in a week or so.

  • I've also added the Exam II KEY for your notes.

  • This space reserved for the link to all of your grades. The scores are sorted by your SIC#.

    Want your SIC#?? better see or e-mail dr. g.

  • While surfing I found this site for information on medical careers. You may have this information already, but I found it interesting.

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    Problem Set #9 (DUE: Monday, 11/10/97)

    Problem Set #9 Grading Information

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    Problem Set #10 (DUE: Monday, 11/17/97)

    Problem Set #10 Grading Information

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    Problem Set #11 (DUE: ?????)

    Problem Set #11 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #11

    Here are the answers to the questions to our first two examination.

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