• Stephanie I have your arm brace!!! Come by my office (PS155).

  • Laboratory next week (Experiment #2: Separation of Mixtures). Do the pre-laboratory questions before coming to laboratory!!! If you do not the teaching assistants have been authorized to deduct 4 points from your final laboratory score for Experiment #2. Be sure to read your experiment before class. The experiment is long and the more you understand before beginning the experiment the more efficient you will work.
  • Memorize the correct spelling and the element symbols for the first twenty elements in the Periodic Table as well as other 'common' elements with atomic numbers greater than 20.
  • Memorize Tables 2.4 and 2.5 in the textbook (Common Ions listed on the last page of the textbook). These tables contain common cations and anions which will be used when we discuss nomenclature.
  • This year celebrates 100 years since the discovery of the electron (WOW!!). Check out this site to learn way cool stuff about the electron.
  • Here is a way cool Periodic Table. You can see the reaction of sodium with water and the reaction of potassium with water from this site. I know we have not talked about the Periodic Table yet, but who cares!

    Important links for CHEM 1314