• Are you interested in Biomedical Research? There will be a presentation by Dr. Almon Shiu on Thursday, November 6, 1997 at 4:00 p.m. in PS147 describing grduate programs at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center leading to MS, PhD and MD. Dr. Shiu is also giving a talk at 2:30 p.m. in PS103 titled 'Multileaf Collimation:Implication and Implementation for Stereotatic Radiosurgery and Radiotheraphy.'

  • I've added three new problem sets for downloading. Check them out. PS#11 does not have a due date yet. I'll know better in a week or so.

  • Saturday, November 1st I am meeting with a group of High School Chemistry Teachers in Oklahoma City. Here is the list of teachers that are participating;
    • Pat Goodey
    • Marie Pool
    • Debi Greear
    • Linda Marshall
    • Glenne Whisenhunt
    • Rick Trefz
    • Carolyn Bish
    • Kyndalin Cardwell
    • Chris Yohn
    • Dorthy Wagner
    • Richard Myers
    • Kelda Miller
    • Candyce Myers
    • Vaden Morgan
    • Sherri Brown
    • Raegan Rethard
    If any of these teachers are/were one of yours let me know.

  • I'm thinking it might be worthwhile to initiate a weekly HELP session. If you think this is a good idea click here.

  • ATTENTION: Monday morning laboratory section! Come by office and pick-up next weeks Conductivity laboratory. This is a different laboratory experiment than what is in your laboratory manual.

  • This space reserved for the link to all of your grades. The scores are sorted by your SIC#.

    Want your SIC#?? better see or e-mail dr. g.

  • Vote on the length of Exam II.

  • Laboratory forthis week (Experiment #5: Acid-Base Titrations) is a straight forward application of solution stoichiometry with neutralization reactions. Be sure to do the pre-laboratory.

  • If you would like me to post all of your scores (homework, laboratory and exams) using a SECRET IDENTIFICATION NUMBER which only you will know you must e-mail me requesting your secret number. I will reply with a message to you with that number. Keep that number secure from all living people!
  • If you have a WEB page which you would like to share click here to contact the StudentWEBMASTER.
  • To estimate your current grade sum your problem set scores, your lab scores and your exam score and divide by the total possible. For an even better estimate of your grade do the following; find the percentage of your homework, laboratory and exam scores. Multiply the homework and lab scores by 0.22 and the exam score by .55 and add those three numbers together. That is the best estimate of your current grade.
  • While surfing I found this site for information on medical careers. You may have this information already, but I found it interesting.

    Important links for Fall 1997 CHEM 1314

    Here are pdf versions of the problem sets. You will need a version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read/print these files.

    Problem Set #8 (DUE: Monday, 11/3/97)

    Problem Set #8 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #8

    Problem Set #9 (DUE: Monday, 11/10/97)

    Problem Set #9 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #9

    Problem Set #10 (DUE: Monday, 11/17/97)

    Problem Set #10 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #10

    Problem Set #11 (DUE: ?????)

    Problem Set #11 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #11

    Here are the answers to the questions to our first two examination.

    Here are pdf version of this semesters examinations. You may want to print out a version for your review and to be sure you can do the questions.

    Here is the pdf file for one of my sample CHEM 1314 examination.