• If at anytime during the semester you show up for laboratory and the TA does not. You do not leave until told to leave by Dr. Cruz or myself. You are to contact Dr. Cruz (PS243) or me as soon as it is evident the TA is AWOL.
  • After reviewing the answers to Problem Set #4 I changed the answer to PS4.3e. If you have already obtained a copy of the PS4 answers you might want to update this page. Scroll down to the page to get to the problem set section.
  • If you have a WEB page which you would like to share click here to contact the StudentWEBMASTER.
  • I've been working on the grades which I have received from the TAs. I do not have all of the TAs reporting yet, but of those I do have the inclusion of the Homework and Laboratory scores effect the course average. The first exam average was 53 (which is a high D). When the other grades earned to date are included the class average moves up to approximately (4 sections are not included) 61 which is right in the middle of the C range. As soon as the remaining grades are transmitted to me I will be able to post grades. This will probably be on Wednesday, October 1.
  • To estimate your current grade sum your problem set scores, your lab scores and your exam score and divide by the total possible. For an even better estimate of your grade do the following; find the percentage of your homework, laboratory and exam scores. Multiply the homework and lab scores by 0.22 and the exam score by .55 and add those three numbers together. That is the best estimate of your current grade. Check out the sample calculation for Joe Student on how to determine your percentage in the class.
  • Laboratory next week (Experiment #11: Quantitative Determination of Phosphorus in Plant Food). There is a change in the laboratory procedure. On p. 11-5 it tells you to dry the precipitate on a paper towel under a heat lamp, scrape the dried precipitate into a tared dish and weigh. Instead, you should pre-weigh both a piece of filter paper and a watch glass. Then you can place the precipitate and filter paper on the watch glass and dry them under the heat lamp, cool and weigh.
  • Remember if your performance is not what you anticipated and you would like to talk to me drop by my office or see me after class to set an appointment.
  • A link to the answers to our first examination is located at the bottom of this page.
  • No more mr. niceguy...when it comes to Problem Sets. If your problem set is not turned in at the beginning of class it will NOT be accepted. No ifs, ands or buts.
  • How do you tell if a reaction is an oxidation-reduction reaction??? If the elemental form of a substance dissappears or appears in the reaction, or there is a change in the number of oxygen atoms around another element the reaction is an oxidation-reduction reaction.
  • Return Examination Policy: Exams will be returned in laboratory next week. You will have your laboratory period to review the examination to see if any problems require re-grading. To have your examination re-graded return to your TA (not to Dr. G) while you are still in laboratory! Your exam will be check to be sure the question(s) were graded properly. Check the WEB to view the key and for comments on how exam was grade.
  • Problem Set #4 due on Wednesday, October 1st.

    Important links for Fall 1997 CHEM 1314

    Here are pdf versions of the problem sets. You will need a version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read/print these files.

    Problem Set #1

    Problem Set #1 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #1

    Problem Set #2

    Problem Set #2 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #2

    Problem Set #3

    Problem Set #3 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #3

    Problem Set #4

    Problem Set #4 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #4 Update

    Problem Set #5

    Problem Set #5 Grading Information

    Answers to Problem Set #5

    Here are the answers to the questions on our first examination. Along with the answers are notes which describe how each question was graded.

    Here is the pdf file for one of my sample CHEM 1314 examination.