Last updated on Saturday, December 21, 2002 at 7:00 pm

  • I'm around for the next few days for questions, concerns, etc. Send an e-mail or call.
  • I just finished entering grades into the University Grade Server so you should be able to log on to SIS to get your CHEM 1314 Grade. Our CHEM 1314 Grade Server will be up for a while so you can check all your scores.
  • With regard to Exam IV and the bond order questions. I decided to drop the three points. So I reduced the total maximum possible score to 847.
  • The number of PLEs I had you completing are posted on our Grade Server. Out of 36 possible the maximum completed by a student was 33. Anyone completing 70% of 33 had their two lowest PS scores (after dropping the lowest 5 PS) converted to 12's. Anyone completing 45% of 33 PLEs had their 6th lowest PS converted to 12.
  • The class average (after dropping PS, Labs and adding PLEs) was 66.7%. So the grade cuts were followed VERY closely. 85% for an A, 75% for a B, 55% for a C and 40% for a D. 37% of students completing the course earned an A or B. 47% of students received a C.
  • Exam IV and Exam V can be picked up after the break. Let me know if you want yours and I'll have copies made. (I need a copy for my research project.)
  • Determining grades is a little convoluted, but here is a description of what I did. Total all your PS scores, then subtracted the lowest five. Then I looked at how many PLEs you'd done. If you'd done about 75% of 33 I took your 6th and 7th lowest PS scores and converted both scores to 12's (if 45% of 33 then I did this for only the 6th lowest PS grade). I divided the total PS points by 168 and multiplied by 200. For labs I totaled the 13 lab grades and subtracted the three lowest lab scores. That number is out of 150, so I did not mulitply by a factor. I then added the five exam scores for a total. Sum the exam scores, the PS score and the Lab score and add 3 extra credit points (for the SID info) and divide that number by 847..and you have your grade. Compare to the grading scale.
  • The average on Exam IV is 53. The high was a PERFECT score by Makiko! Way to go Makiko. Any student who can get a perfect score gets all the usual SWAG and a free lunch! Makiko, lets go have sushi!
  • The average on Exam V is 55. The high was a PERFECT score by Makiko and Yuri!! Way to go Makiko and Yuri. Sushi for everyone!
  • Andy has dropped off labs and Homework for his students. You are welcome to drop by and pick up your work, or you can get it at the final.
  • If you did the Gas Law Simulation (this week or last week) I need you to complete a short survey. It will only take 5 minutes.
  • Interested in opportunities for summer programs for pre-medical students. Check out this information I recently received from a former student.

  • Our TAs for this semester (as of Monday, August 19, 2002) are;

  • Theory Section 3:

    Andy Wang (Sections 19, 24 and 29);
    Cory Pfeiffer(Sections 20, 22, 26, and 28);
    Shayne Cole(Section 21);

    Adrianna Morcada (Sections 23, 25 and 27)

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