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  • Help Session, Tuesday evening, March 6, 2001 at 7:30 pm in PS141
  • Sample exams for our Exam II are now available.
  • There is a minor correction to table in PS6.5. Check out the change. I moved the shading one column to the left for ammonia and acetic acid. You do not have to determine the 'ideal' freezing point for ammonia and acetic acid.
  • I have to attend a lecture at 10:30 am immediately following our class so I would like to postpone office hours until this afternoon. Remember Help Session tonight at 7:30 pm in PS141.
  • We had two exciting experiences today in the Recycling Aluminum experiment. One student set her sweater on fire when she got too close to the Bunsen burner. A second student evaporated the mixture in step 4 to dryness and produced such a discussing odor (probably produces some H2SO4 in the air which is hard on the lungs) the whole lab had to be evacuated! So be careful doing the experiment. Everyone is OK, but we always need to be careful when in the Chemistry Laboratory!
  • Bring safety goggles to laboratory this week, otherwise you will have to pay a rental fee! Check out the laboratory link for this week's laboratory. You will do the Laboratory in PS255. Remember Wednesday laboratory you will meet in PS453 do the data analysis experiment (Be sure to bring your calculator.).
  • PS#6 is now available at the PS link.
  • The TA's e-mail addresses are;
  • Nellie Bruce:
    Bill Alley:
    Randy Hallford:
    Melissa Caldwell:
    Carolyn Nuckolls"

  • Want some EXTRA CREDIT? Complete the form at the SID#/Name link.
  • Be sure to bring your textbook and a calculator to laboratory the first week of classes. Yes, the CHEM 1515 laboratory does meet this week (January 16 - 19). (See the CHEM 1515 Syllabus)
  • Sitting around with nothing to do? We are going to begin lecture on Wednesday, January 17th discussing Chapter 11 in Silberberg. I recommend you review Chapters 9 and 10 before class. In particular, refresh your recall of drawing Lewis structures, the concept of electronegativity, ionic and covalent bonds, bond polarity, molecular polarity, molecular shape (in particular central atoms with 2, 3 and 4 groups of electrons). Check out lecture notes from CHEM 1314. In particular look at;
  • Lecture Notes for Friday, November 17, 2000 and Monday, November 20, 2000: Ionic compounds.

    Lecture Notes for Monday, November 20, 2000: Covalent compounds and electronegativity.

    Lecture Notes for Monday, November 27, 2000: Lewis structures.

    Lecture Notes for Wednesday, December 6, 2000: Valence Shell Electron-Pair Repulsion.


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