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  • OSU Running Club has a meeting on Tuesday, February 6 in SU420 beginning at 7:30 pm.
  • Anyone pick up a TI-86 in Resource Center on Friday morning just before our class? Another student picked up a TI-83 thinking it was hers to discover it belongs to some else.
  • Any students missing laboratory last week (not the Wednesday students) do not forget you must complete the pre-laboratory questions before coming to laboratory. I recommend that in lab this week you focus on the alkanes. A complete understanding of this material will provide you with the best foundation for learning the remaining material covered in the Survival Organic experiment.
  • Sample Exam I is not available at the Exam link.
  • Upcoming HELP Sessions;
  • HELP Session, Tuesday, February 6, 2001 in PS101 at 7:30 pm.
  • PS3 is available.
  • I've been thinking about how best to handle the loss of the Wednesday afternoon laboratory due to the decision to cancel Wednesday afternoon classes. My current thinking is students in the Wednesday laboratory section will do this week's experiment next week at the scheduled time. I will postpone questions over the Survival Organic chemistry until Exam II, on March 8, 2001. Problem Set #3 has already been duplicated and I will distribute it in class on Wednesday, January 31, 2001. This Problem Set will be due at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 7, 2001. So this problem set does have to be turned in at the beginning of class on Wednesday, February 7, 2001. This will allow the students with a Wedneday laboratory time to work on the material, and at the same time work on the problem set. This will also throw off labs for a period of time until I determine which laboratory the Wednesday students will not do. This also means at the end of the semester students in the Wednesday laboratory will have one less laboratory counting towards their final grade. This will mean Wednesday lab students will use 10 experiments to determine their final grade while the remaining students will have 11. All students will still be able to drop their lowest two laboratory experiments. Since the lab grade is determined by dividing the students lab points earned by the lab points possible and multiplying by 150, how many experiments are performed is not an issue. If anyone has any questions about this adjustment please drop by and talk to me at your convienence.
  • The TA's e-mail addresses are;
  • Nellie Bruce:
    Bill Alley:
    Randy Hallford:
    Melissa Caldwell:
    Carolyn Nuckolls"

  • Want some EXTRA CREDIT? Complete the form at the SID#/Name link.
  • Be sure to bring your textbook and a calculator to laboratory the first week of classes. Yes, the CHEM 1515 laboratory does meet this week (January 16 - 19). (See the CHEM 1515 Syllabus)
  • Sitting around with nothing to do? We are going to begin lecture on Wednesday, January 17th discussing Chapter 11 in Silberberg. I recommend you review Chapters 9 and 10 before class. In particular, refresh your recall of drawing Lewis structures, the concept of electronegativity, ionic and covalent bonds, bond polarity, molecular polarity, molecular shape (in particular central atoms with 2, 3 and 4 groups of electrons). Check out lecture notes from CHEM 1314. In particular look at;
  • Lecture Notes for Friday, November 17, 2000 and Monday, November 20, 2000: Ionic compounds.

    Lecture Notes for Monday, November 20, 2000: Covalent compounds and electronegativity.

    Lecture Notes for Monday, November 27, 2000: Lewis structures.

    Lecture Notes for Wednesday, December 6, 2000: Valence Shell Electron-Pair Repulsion.


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