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This page contains information and resource useful to AP Chemistry teachers. Your feedback, comments and questions are welcome.

Become an AP Reader

I would like to encourage interested high school AP teachers and interested higher education faculty to consider becoming an AP Reader. Information about the reading can be found at the College Board web site. To access all of the resources available to teachers it is recommended you logon. Logging on is free and only takes a moment. An AP Reader application form is available at APCentral.

AP 2-day Conference Presentations

I have presented at several 2-day Professional Conferences organized by the College Board. Talks cover such topics as: Ionic Equations, Atomic Structure and Periodicity, Grading the AP Examination and Web Resources for the AP Chemistry Teacher are available. Additional talks, include: Chemical Bonding: Intermolecular and Intramolecular Attractions; and Misconceptions and Confusions Common to Our Students. Check the links to the 2-day Professional Conferences for the current talks.

AP Summer Institutes

I've been involved doing AP Institutes during the summer of 1999 - 2019. This summer (2019) I (assisted by Lisa McGaw) will be doing APSI's in Rapides Parish School System (June 17 - 20, 2019), at Saint Marys Hall in San Antonio (June 24 - 27, 2019) and North Texas University in Denton, TX (July 8 - 11, 2019) Links to summer institutes include many of the materials and resources we used at the Institute. There are useful lecture notes, animations, and a sample syllabus for an AP Chemistry course. I taught an AP Chemistry class between 1989 and 1992 and I have a LectureGuide and a Laboratory manual that I used with my students during that period. There is a link to all of these materials. Additionally there is a CD-ROM that contains computer animations, and even more supporting materials for the AP Chemistry teacher available from Synaps, Inc. Even more animations, the Teaching Partner LectureGuide and Laboratory Manual are available on the CD-ROM. The Teaching Partner materials include all of the answer, problem set answers, examination answers and all of the preparation information for the laboratory.

Courses at Oklahoma State University

If you are an AP teacher check out CHEM 1314 (first semester introductory chemistry) and CHEM 1515 (second semester introductory chemistry). These are courses I teach at OSU that are equivalent to AP Chemistry. There are lots of resources you may find useful on the pages for these two courses.

AP Table Leader Page

This page contains information for AP Table Leaders. Some of the information is already available on my Web Site. Presently some of the information is restricted to the table leaders and I am currently password protecting this page. I hope to be able to make this page more available to interested AP teachers soon.

AP Reader Page

I'm currently working on a page for the Readers participating in the 2001 AP Reading in Clemson. This will have the pictures of all readers, the e-mail list, and Lew Acampora and Jackie Simms' Farewell Poem to Peter Sheridan. I hope to have some pictures of the Peter's farewell celebration here also.


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