CHEM 1014 Fall 1999

  • First meeting of the Fall semester for the OSU Mountain Biking Club is Thursday, Sept 2nd from 5-6 pm in 201 AG Hall
  • I have posted some lecture notes for Chapter 2 at the Lecture Notes link. We will still be discussing material in Chapter 2 in class this week. In Tuesday's class I plan to continue our discussion on density, I'll introduce three important temperature scales and we will explore the gaseous state in more detail. We already did one experiment in class with gases. Do you remember what happened when I poured liquid nitrogen on the balloon containing carbon dioxide? We'll get to the liquid and solid state on Thursday.
  • Need some Help with your chemistry? The Chemistry Department offers free tutoring in PS023 (basement of Physical Sciences). Check the Free Tutoring link on the left for the hours. Note that those TA's teaching CHEM 1014 are identified with the blue color. Don't forget my office hours are 2:30 - 3:20 pm on T and R.
  • Answers to the In-class Problem Set for the week of August 23rd are at the ProblemSet link. Check it out. Questions from the in-class problem sets are very likely to appear on our exams.
  • This week in laboratory there about six different experiments which you must do. Stations have been set-up in the laboratory. I strongly recommend you review the procedure discussed in the laboratory manual for this experiment. It may give you more confidence as you do the different experiments.
  • I have a rought draft of our first Outside of class assignment. Check it out at the Problem Set link.
  • Would you like some extra credit? Send me an e-mail message with '1014 student' as the subject and complete the Student Information Form. Get going if you have not done this yet, time is running out!


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