CHEM 1014 Fall 1999

My e-mail has been down Saturday and is still down today. Keep sending your e-mail message it will eventually get to me. I just can not get to it right now.

  • In search of Dr. G. at the ACS Meeting in New update:
  • I made it to New Orleans safely. It is hot and humid down here! Taking it easy at the hotel after a brief trip to the RiverWalk shopping area along the Mississippi River. Important Division of Chemical Education dinner this evening and then a long day attending a Board of Publications meeting for the Journal of Chemical Education on Sunday.
  • You should be reading Chapter 2. Dr. Purdie will begin talking about that chapter on Tuesday.
  • Remember this week you will check-in to laboratory. Be sure all the equipment on your check list is in your drawer. If you have not seen the Safety videotape be sure to view it this week.
  • I have a rought draft of our first Outside of class assignment. Check it out at the Problem Set link.
  • Would you like some extra credit? Send me an e-mail message with '1014 student' as the subject and complete the Student Information Form. Get going if you have not done this yet, time is running out!


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