Web Resources for AP Chemistry Teachers

Advanced Placement 2-Day Science Conference

December 1 - 2, 2000

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Houston, Texas

The following sites are not necessarily AP Chemistry but contain materials useful to AP Chemistry Teachers.



APChemistry Listserv

Technical Corner


ACS WebSite

Journal of Chemical Education

Division of Chemical Education


Instructional Software for Chemistry (Simon Fraser University)

Chemistry Teaching Resources (Umea University)

Wilton High School Web Site for Chemistry

Atomic and hybrid orbitals applet



ChemPages (University of Wisconsin)

Dr. David L. Brook's Mentoring Program

Chemistry Materials

Dr. John I. Gelder's Web Site

Sample AP materials

Suggested list of lectures for an AP Chemistry course

LectureGuide with Problem Sets

Laboratory Manual

Sample Exams

AP Chemistry Institute (digital video requires Real Networks player)

ChemSkill Builder

Amazon.com (search AP Chemistry)