Be sure to have your class Secret Identification Code (SID) and laboratory section number entered.

This Pre-Laboratory assignment consists of two pages with questions to be answered. After answering the questions (there are 5) on this page, click the Submit button to transfer your responses to Dr. G. After clicking the Submit button a page will be displayed summarizing your responses. I recommend you print this page out and bring it with you to laboratory. At the bottom of the first response page is a link to the second page of questions. On the second page you must enter your SID and laboratory and answer the questions on the second page as well as you can. Clicking the Submit button on the second page will take you to the second response page. Again it is recommended you print this page and bring it with you to laboratory.

Both of the pages must be completed before coming to your laboratory during the week of February 18 - 22, 2002. This Pre-laboratory assignment will count towards the 15 points for the laboratory. The Pre-Lab is likely to be worth 3 points. Two of the three points will be awarded for completing both pages of questions. One point will be award for answering all of the questions as well as you can. YOur answers will not be graded for correctness, just for completeness.

You are welcome to work in small groups, but I expect each student to answer the questions themselves, and submit their own responses. Duplicate copies of responses submitted as independent work will receive 0 points for the Pre-laboratory.

Important do not press the enter key or the Return key while you are answering these questions. Your Browser will interpret either key the same as clicking the mouse on the Submit button. So BE CAREFUL!

NOTE: If the video does not play you will need to download the QuickTime Player Plug-in or the QuickTime Player for Windows Plug-in from the Apple web site. If you are using a modem connection from home that is not DSL or CableModem the download times required to view the movies will be long. The movies range in size from 2 Megs to 6 Megs. The movie on this page is about 6 Megs. The movies on the following page are smaller.


Lecture Section:

View the movie on the right and answer Questions 1 - 5:

1. Identify the chemical species present in the solution poured into the beaker on the left in the movie.

2. Identify the chemical species present in the solution poured into the beaker on the right in the movie.

3. What evidence is there for a chemical reaction when the two solutions are mixed?

4. Given the fact that soluble ionic compounds exist in solution in the form of their component ions and insoluble compounds do not, which of the following species mostly likely accounts for your observation(s) in Question 3 above. Please choose only ONE of the five products.

Product 1 : Fe(SCN)3(aq)

Product 2 : Fe(SCN)3(s)

Product 3 : KNO3(aq)

Product 4 : KNO3(s)

Product 5 : FeSCN2+(aq)


Briefly, explain how you arrived at your answer. Also explain, why you eliminated the other choices.

5. Write the balanced net ionic equation that represents the chemical reaction between Fe(NO3)3(aq) and KSCN(aq). Identify the color of each of the species in the net ionic equation.

net ionic equation