Stuff From the 2001 Reading

June 9, 2001 - June 18, 2001

Clemson, South Carolina


Question 1: Room 411: TL: Tom Boyd

From left to right:

Backrow:Howard McLean, Bill Bond, Thomas Adams, Bansi Kalra,Tom Boyd

Middlerow:Shelia Cancella, Coretta Tam, GloriaRuszkiewicz-Brown, Marjorie Nieh

Frontrow:Lucy Garmon, Clint Gillespie, Deb Reynolds, Susan Todd

Question 1: Room 413: TL: Patsy Mueller

From left to right:

Backrow:Steven O'Neal, Larry Funck

Middlerow:Jeff Marx, Bernie Reeves, Alexander Grushow, Maggie Hansen, Susan Zoltewicz, Jim Beatty

Frontrow:Jay Rhee, Lisa Whitney, Patsy Mueller, Ed Braddy