Web Resources for AP Chemistry Teachers

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The following sites are not necessarily specifically AP Chemistry but contain materials useful to AP Chemistry Teachers.

Organizations/Key Site

ACS WebSite : Periodic Table

Journal of Chemical Education : Features

Division of Chemical Education

CollegeBoard APCentral

APDL at Rice University (reviewed software)

MERLOT (reviewed software)

Video Resources

Video Discs

The Periodic Table Videodisc (J Chem Ed Software)
Chemistry Comes Alive (J Chem Ed Software)
Redox Video Disc (Synaps, Inc.)
Shakhashiri Chemical Demonstrations Videotapes/VideoDisc (Saunders College Publishing)
Doing Chemistry (ACS)
World of Chemistry (VideoDiscovery)

CD-ROMs (Mac or PC)

Periodic Table Live (Special edition 17; J Chem Ed Software)

Alkali Metal reactions with Water

Chemistry Comes Live Volume 1 (Special edition 18; J Chem Ed Software)

Reaction of Potassium and Bromine

Reaction of Sodium and Chlorine

Chemistry Comes Live Volume 2 (Special edition 21; J Chem Ed Software)

Ammonia Fountain 1

Ammonia Fountain 2

Ice Bomb

Chemistry Comes Live Volume 3

Chemistry Comes Live Volume 4

Chemistry Comes Live Volume 5

Redox Video

Lecture Demonstration Movie Sheets

More QT video demonstrations

Virtual Laboratory experiments

Chemistry web sites with Large list of resources
Ron Rinehart's Chemistry Web Resources

Chemistry Teaching Resources (Umea University)

Wilton High School Web Site for Chemistry

HyperMedia Project

Site #1

Dr. Richard Pendarvis' Web Site

Instructional Software for Chemistry (Simon Fraser University)

Chemistry applets

Periodic Tables


Dr. David L. Brook's Mentoring Program

Chemistry Materials for High School Teachers

Dr. John I. Gelder's Web Site

Sample AP materials

Suggested list of lectures for an AP Chemistry course

LectureGuide with Problem Sets

Laboratory Manual

Sample Exams

AP Chemistry Institute (digital video requires Real Networks player)

ChemSkill Builder

Flinn Scientific

Problem Solving


The Lab archive at Everett Community College

Color Box Applet

Future stuff

Gas Laws : Activity

Video Demonstration : Equilibrium

Laboratory Simulation : Activity of Metals (Dr. Tom Greenbowe and Han Chin, Iowa State University) : Written Activity

Pre-Lecture Explorations

Problem Tutorials : More