We'll begin this Chapter with a list of Objectives. This is a list of what skills you must have when we have completed this chapter.
  1. define the terms thermodynamics and thermochemistry.
  2. describe the kinetic and potential energy and calculate the amount of kinetic energy of a moving object.
  3. state the unit conversion relating joules and calories.
  4. describe the difference between temperature and heat.
  5. distinguish between the system and the surrounding in a chemical process.
  6. define the terms exothermic and endothermic as they apply to chemical reactions.
  7. define the terms specific heat and heat capacity and use both concepts to calculate heat flow.
  8. calculate heat flow in a coffee-cup calorimetry experiment.
  9. calculate heat flow in a bomb calorimeter experiment.
  10. state the first law of thermodynamics.
  11. write the mathematical equation defining the internal energy change in a chemical reaction.
  12. calculate the internal energy change for a chemical process in terms of heat flow and work.
  13. write the mathematical equation for heat flow in chemical reactions at constant volume and constant pressure.
  14. define the term enthalpy (H) and distinguish it from internal energy (E).
  15. list the important characteristics of enthalpy of a chemical reaction.
  16. describe and recognize state functions.
  17. calculate the enthalpy change in a chemical reaction using Hess's Law.
  18. define the term standard state as it is applied to an element or compound.
  19. write a chemical equation describing the formation of any compound and look up its heat of formation in table of standard heats of formation.
  20. calculate the enthalpy change in any chemical reaction using standard enthalpies of formation.
  21. calculate the fuel value (heat of combustion) of a chemical compound using standard enthalpies of formation.