Electron Configurations Animation

With the assistance of an undergraduate student, Mr. Tim Perk, the electron configuration animation has been converted from a Shockwave to a Flash version. The new link to the animaton is

Electron Configuration Animation

Dr. Michael Abraham (The University of Oklahoma) and I are working on an activity that will use this animation. When this activity is ready I will post information on this page. If you are interested in other useful animations and simulations that include guided and open-inquiry activities please check out the MoLE Web site. This site contains simulations that represent particulate level models of gases, chemical equilibrium, chemical kinetics, stoichiometry, acids and bases, molecular models (VSEPR, bond and molecular dipoles, polarity, bond order, isomerism, solid state structures and periodicity). The site also includes guided and open-inquiry activities with simulations on gases, electrochemistry, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, acids and bases, stocihiometry. The activities are available to printout and duplicate for use in your classroom. Each activity includes a link to a simulation.

To access these animation click on the link below. We require teachers to give us your name, school and an e-mail address to access the materials. The Mole web site link is,

Mole web site

The link to the original animation on electron configurations is below. This animation was created using MacroMedia Director and requires the Shockwave plugin from MacroMedia.

If, when you go to this page you receive a 'blank' screen, or you receive a message that you need a particular plug-in to view the file go to http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/instructions/streaming.html and dowload the plug-in for Shockwave for your particular platform. Enjoy.

Electron Configuration Animation

The electron configuration animation was done by Nancy Gettys, Judd Wheeler and myself for an AP Chemistry By Satellite course that I taught in the early 1990's.

NOTE: If you are using an intel-based Macintosh please checkout the following link for important information to run this animation in Shockwave.


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