When you are ready to activate the animation click the Start button in the animation rectangle.

What you will observe is plot of the temperature change for a sample of H2O, initially at -10 degrees Celsius being heated using a Bunsen burner. As heat is added we record the temperature change the sample of water experiences. At the end of the plot five numbered rectangles will appear. It is these rectangles that are referred to in the questions below. When the animation finally stops answer the questions. It is OK to view the animation more than once, just click on the Repeat button.

Important do not press the enter key or the Return key while you are answering these questions. Your Browser will interpret either key the same as clicking the mouse on the Submit button. So BE CAREFUL!

Give me some responses to the questions below and I'll give you some extra credit.


Laboratory Section:

1. In general what happens to the temperature of the sample of H2O as heat is added?

2. What phase is the sample of H2O at the beginning of the experiment before any heat is added?

3. There are two plateaus in the graph (#2 and #4). What is the temperature at plateau #2? #4? What is happening at each of these plateaus?

4. What is the phase of the sample of H2O along the line identified as #3? What is happening to the temperature of the sample of H2O along this line?

5. Can you define specific heat for me? If so write your definition below. If you are not sure if you understand specific heat try answering the following questions.

6. Is there anything about this animation that you feel you do not understand? List your concerns/questions.