When you are ready to activate the animation click the Start button in the animation rectangle.

Important do not press the enter key or the Return key while you are answering these questions. Your Browser will interpret either key the same as clicking the mouse on the Submit button. So BE CAREFUL!

Give me some responses to the questions below and I'll give you some extra credit.


Laboratory Section:

1. Before starting the animation, briefly describe what must happen for a reaction to occur between NO and O3.

2. Before running the animation the chemical equation for the reaction is;

NO(g) + O3(g) ---> NO2(g) + O2(g)

Can you describe how the reactants are converted to products? Hint: What bonds are broken and what bonds are formed?

3. Run tha animation and describe what you saw happen. What was interesting about the behavior of the molecules?

4. How important is orientation for the reaction to be effective? Can you imagine an orientation of either/both molecules that would not be favorable for a chemical reaction?

5. Is there any other factor that might be important for us to consider when considering whether a reaction will occur or not?

6. Is there anything about the reaction or the questions that you feel you do not understand? List your concerns/questions.