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Appendix I Chemical Safety Information

The purpose of this table is to make you aware of the hazards associated with the chemical reagents used or generated as products in this laboratory manual. Information for both the fall and spring semesters is included. When handling chemical reagents, be sure to follow the instructions included in your laboratory manual, as well as those given to you by your instructor. Never touch any chemical reagent with your hands, or dispose of any regent by placing it in a trash can or pouring it down a drain unless your instructor specifically tells you to do so.

The information included in the table has been complied from several sources including the Flinn Scientific, Inc. Chemical Catalog and Reference Manual, the J. T. Baker Catalog, and the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. We have attempted to include all reagents used or produced in the experiments in this manual. If you find that some substances used or produced in one of the experiments are not included on the list, please notify the AP Chemistry by Satellite office and we will include that substance in the next edition of the laboratory manual.

The health hazard (H), flammability hazard (F), reactivity hazard (R), and skin, eye, and mucous membrane contact hazard (C) codes are from the J. T. Baker Catalog. Rating codes are as follows: 4 - extreme hazard, 3 - severe hazard, 2 - moderate hazard, 1 - slight hazard, and 0 - no known hazard. Codes listed in parentheses are estimates.

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