Humor: On The Fun Side

  1. A poem by Doris Kolb (from J. Chem. Educ., 1978):
    A mole is a particular amount
    Of a substance-just its formulary weight
    Expressed in grams, with Avogadro's count
    Of units making up the aggregate.
    A mole is a specific quantity:
    Its volume measures twenty-two point four
    In liters (for a gas at STP).
    A mole's a counting unit, nothing more.
    A mole is but a single molecule
    By Avogadro's number multiplied;
    A trillion trillion times intensified.
    A mole is an expedient amount,
    For molecules are just too small to count.

  2. Mole Song (to "Deck the Halls")
    Avogadro's Number makes one
    mole of atoms or of molecules.
    Changing it to grams is easy
    If you know what things to use.
    Multiply it by a fraction
    Molar mass over one mole.
    Then you calculate your answer
    Canceling like terms, you'll reach your goal.

  3. A mole stuffed animal can be obtained from American Bear, Inc., 401 N. Wabash, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60611 (The Hole in the Ground Gang Mole #1407. Phone number: 312-329-0020.)

  4. Mole posters and shirts available from Mole Reproduction, 315 Lincoln Street, Verona, WI 53593.

  5. Classified ad:

  6. A one-molar solution:

  7. Message on a T-shirt: A Chemist is a Mole's Best Friend.
  8. Sign on a bumper sticker: Everyone has...Avogadro's Number-6.023 x 10 23 .

    You say a mole is brown and furry
    with eyes developed wrong,
    You ask a chemist his description
    which is quite a different song.
    A chemists mole is not of fur,
    nor is it very brown,
    It comes in many varieties-square, oblong,
    or round.

    The mole can stand for numbers, formulas
    or items of everyday,
    A mole of girls, a mole of boys, whatever
    you wish to say.
    Chemists indulge jubilantly,
    solving problems it creates,
    My brains find problems no fun at all
    pondering them till it aches.
    CHEM 13 NEWS, February 1972, p. 393

  10. The Mole Joke Book (CHEM 13 NEWS, February 1983, p. 12 and October 1983, p. 3):
    1. What did Avogadro give his ex-wife every month?
    2. What did Avogadro have on his pancakes?
    3. On which American mountain was Avogadro's face carved in stone?
    4. What song did Avogadro's family sing on New Year's Eve?
    5. Where did Avogadro send his CARE packages?
    6. Why was there only one Avogadro?
    7. What was Avogadro's favorite board game?
    8. What kept Avogadro in bed for two months?
    9. Who was Avogadro's favorite singing group?
    10. Who was Avogadro's favorite composer?
    11. Avogadro loved to watch M.A.S.H. Which character did he like the most? 12. What did Avogadro call his church services?
    13. How would you have described Avogadro's room while he was a teenager? 14. Which was Avogadro's favorite Indian tribe?
    15. Which recent movie would Avogadro have really liked?
    16. What did Avogadro think of hemorrhoids? 17. What did Avogadro put into the pockets of his tweed suit?
    18. Can you name two movies that Avogadro really liked?
    19. What was Avogadro's best day in golf?
    20. How did Avogadro send a secret message with his walkie-talkie?
    21. What is Avogadro's favorite kind of music?
    22. Which Walt Disney characters was Avogadro fond of?
    23. What is Avogadro teaching his astronomy class about?
    24. What do you get when you have a bunch of moles acting like idiots?
    25. How did Avogadro help his team win the soccer playoffs?
    26. Which is one of Avogadro's best songs?
    27. What did Avogadro invent for his wife to use as a night cream?
    28. What was Avogadro's favorite drink?
    29. Why did people say Avogadro was lazy?
    30. What is Avogadro's favorite chocolate bar?
    31. What did Avogadro get when he mixed ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk?
    32. What kind of shell-fish did Avogadro like to eat?
    33. Which tooth did Avogadro have pulled out?
    34. What religion did Avogadro belong to?
    35. What did Avogadro's bird do when it was time for him to send his feathers?
    36. What was the mad bomber's favorite drink?
    37. Where did Mrs. Avogadro do her shopping?
    38. What did Avogadro teach his students in math class?
    39. What are moles made of?
    40. Which team lost the World Series in 1982?
    41. What brand of cigarettes did Avogadro smoke?
    42. What are mammoles?
    43. What do you sue to flatten hot asphalt?
    44. How did Avogadro get through the desert?
    45. What do chemists do in a math class?
    46. Which part of the universe did Avogadro like to study?
    47. What kind of fruit did Avogadro eat in the summer?
    48. How much money did Avogadro make from being a chemist?
    49. What is Avogadro's favorite sport?
    50. What is Avogadro's favorite drink?
    51. What happened to Avogadro when he had to drive over a bridge?
    52. What area did Avogadro explore?
    53. What were Avogadro's houses made of?
    54. How much does Avogadro exaggerate?
    55. What did J. J. Thomson have for dessert?
    56. What happens to Avogadro's dog in the summer?
    57. What did Avogadro do when he lost his job?
    58. Where does Avogadro plant his trees?
    59. What was Avogadro's best subject?
    60. What was Avogadro dressed as when he went to the masquerade ball?
    61. Where did Avogadro go sailing?
    62. What was the problem Avogadro had with his shoes?
    63. At what time was Avogadro at his romantic best?
    64. What are Avogadro's favorite places?
    65. What scientist was a member of the pig family?
    66. What is Avogadro's favorite character?
    67. What was Avogadro full of?
    68. What is Avogadro's favorite song?
    69. What did Avogadro collect at the seashore?
    70. Where do students graduate?

  11. In the U.S., Mole Day is celebrated on Oct. 23 (10/23) from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m. In Europe, Mole Day is celebrated on Feb. 6 (6/02) from 10:23 a.m. to 10:23 p.m. (In the U.S., dates are written month/date; in Europe, date/month.)

  12. Word Search (see Appendix for master copy)