History: On the Human Side

Humor: On the Fun Side

1. Bumper Sticker (American Chemical Society, Office of Precollege Science, Room 806; 1155 Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036) Old Chemists Never Die . . . . They Just Reach

2. Student response on exam: LeChatelier‘s Principle is, if a strain is applied on a substance, the substance will try to assume the most comfortable condition.

3. The meaning of “reversible reaction”? Starting material recovered. (CHEM 13 NEWS, October 1970, p. 193)

4. Word Search (see Appendix for master copy)

Words about the concepts in this module can be obtained from the clues given. Find these words in the block of letters:

5. See cartoons at end of module.


    1. Chemistry: Reaction Rates and Equilibrium, 23 min. video available from Coronet/NTI Film and Video, 108 Wilmot Road, Deerfield, IL 60015; (800) 621-2131; (708) 940-3640 (FAX).

    2. Equilibrium, CHEM Study film/video available from Ward’s Natural Science Establishment, Inc., 5100 West Henrietta Road, P.O. Box 92912, Rochester, NY 14692-9012; (800) 2660.

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    5. TV Ontario: Chemical Equilibrium. Six 10-minute video programs with a guide covering various aspects of equilibrium. TVO Video, 143 West Franklin Street, Suite 206, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, 1-800-331-9566.

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      a. For the IBM PS/2 PC-compatible computer: PC 2901 (Equilibrium simulation program where user inputs data; concentration of each species after each given increment is given numerically or as bar graphs until equilibrium is reached.)

      b. For the Apple II computer: AP 603 (same as PC 2901).

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