PS5.7 asks you to describe how to prepare a given amount of a solution of a given concentration. THis type of problem is asking you to determine the amount of solute you will need to prepare the solution, and the amount of solvent or the amount of solution. When you write up your answer you need to show all the calculations you have done, and then think of yourself in the storeroom preparing the solution. How much solute must you weigh out? Then how much solvent do you need, or what is the final volume you must mix and dilute the solution to?

In PS5.7 I'm asking you to explain how you would prepare a solution of the stated amount and the stated concentration. Part a of the problem is problems we did in CHEM 1314. There is an example of this kind of calculation (PS5.7a) in our lecture notes from CHEM 1314.

For parts b and c in PS5.7 I recommend you use the approach that is used in PS5.5 amd PS5.6. That is to re-express the solution in terms of another concentration term. But you have to select which concentration term is best for the particular solution I've asked you to prepare. In the new concentration you could then easily determine the amount of solute and solvent you need to prepare the solution.

Hope this helps.