Comments on ICE#2

Like ICE#1 I do not expect you to complete all of the questions on this InClass Exercise. Do as many as you can, and ask a neighbor or your TA if you have questions. The last two questions are over material I've not discussed yet. If you can do some of the last two questions (ICE 7 and 8) great, if not do not worry about.

If you print this ICE off early you do not need to do the questions before you come to laboratory this week. In fact I'd rather you did not. My goal in doing the InClass Exercises is to give you the opportunity to meet other students, and your TA and to work together. I also want to use all the time in laboratory, I have this problem about students leaving laboratory early...I know, I'm working on it.

Students in the 1:30 pm CHEM 1314 start doing laboratory this week and will not have time to do ICE#2 during laboratory. Students in the 1:30 pm section are welcome to print this ICE out, but you do NOT have to turn it in. Use it to prepare for Exam #1. Answers will be posted next weekend.