The following JavaScript problems were developed by George Wiger, Professor and Chair of Chemistry at California State University Dominguez Hills. The work, is supported in part by The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation and by the University. I've lifted some of the material and placed it on our WEB Site. The material is available for use and I'm currently working on modifying it for use on my server. If you have any difficulties using the files please drop by and talk to me. I've added some comments which may help doing the problems where I think it is needed. Please read the instructions Dr. Wiger has provided before beginning solving the problems.

Significant Figure Practice (You are only told whether your answer is correct or incorrect. If you have trouble e-mail me with the particular number and I'll help.)

Protons, neutrons and electrons (Same as above so if you have questions get in touch. The mass # is defined as the sum of the protons and the neutrons).

Density conversion (Converts from one set of metric density units to another combination of metric density units.)

Density word problem(This example generates a word problem where you solve for one of the variables; density, mass or volume given the other two.)

Length conversion (Converts between English and metric length units. Watch your significant figures and your rounding.)

Mass conversion (Converts between English and metric mass units.)

Volume conversion (Converts between English and metric volume units.)

Temperature conversion (Generates problems which will require you to convert between Kelvin, Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales. One of the temperatures is randomly generated and you must determine the temperature in the other two scales.)

Mass, moles and molar mass (This is a basic exercise in converting between mass, moles and the molar mass.)

Limiting Reagents (This page provides practice in identifying limiting reagents.)

Nomenclature of Simple Binary Compounds-Names to Formulas (This is a basic exercise in converting names into formulas for binary compounds.)

Nomenclature of Simple Binary Compounds-Formulas to Names (This is a basic exercise in naming simple binary compounds given the chemical formula.)

Nomenclature of Simple Binary Compounds Using Stock Notation (This is a basic exercise in naming simple binary compounds which contain metals which have variable charges.)

Balancing Simple Equations (This is a basic exercise in balancing chemical equations.)


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